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“Motorola XT301″ using Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair) MOTOBLUR UI with Live Widgets and Multi-touch input method

Variant products CDMA phones Motorola-made Android increasingly diverse with the presence of the series “Motoroola XT301“, this device also indicates that this android OS can run on multiple handsets and technology. XT301 Motoroola provided 3.15 mega pixel camera, 3.0-inch touchscreen with multitouch support. Smartphone Motorola XT301 using Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair) as operating system, and [...]

Android phone Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play comes with a shape such as the PlayStation Portable

After some time a rumor, which display photos and images about himself often appeared on the internet, eventually mobile gaming “phones playstation” XPERIA Play was officially introduced to the public. In fact, the introduction of this Android smartphone directly with commercial advertisements are attractive. Through official Fans Page on Facebook, and distribute ads via YouTube, [...]

Acer Liquid Stream Android phone by using (User Interface) UI v4.0 by Acer

Acer, Although Relatively new player in the smartphone based on Android, but Acer began to attach a warning for its competitors. Target the top entry for the Android vendors began the year Also this. After removing the series comes with Liquid E, Acer again carry Android phone Called Acer Liquid Stream. In contrast with Liquid [...]

INQ Cloud Touch is an Android-based “facebook phone”

INQ has introduced INQ Cloud Touch, a smartphone Android that is designed specifically for deeply integrated with Facebook. Cloud Touch even claimed to be the first mobile phone that offers a comprehensive facebook integration. This, then make dubbed facebook phone. INQ confirm plans to go jump into in the market for smartphone devices. Smartphone from [...]

Motorola MOTO MT716 Android-based OS v2.0 with 8MP Camera Wi-Fi GPS Video Call and CMMB TV tuner

One of the high-end handsets that they offer is a series of “Motorola MOTO MT716” This product may also be used as preparation for the 2011 because predicated that the future trend of mobile phone is a touchscreen smartphone or mobile phone. Motorola MOTO MT716 supported features and full specifications, we can see there are [...]