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Huawei introduces latest phone Tablet Android Huawei IDEOS S7

Huawei introduces new mobile phones Ideos after success with the launch of the smartphone Huawei Ideos X6. The manufacturer Huawei has decided to reveal more about the tablet that also can be for the phone. Telecom solutions provider Huawei will launch Android Ideos S7 tablet, which is set to rival Samsung Galaxy Tab, in the [...]

Motorola Milestone 2 the system Android OS (Froyo) equipped with a 3G hotspot and DLNA (Digial Living Network Alliance)

Motorola Milestone 2, which is the incarnation Droid 2 is one of Android 2.2 smartphone with a quality where this is evident with the low rate of return Droid 2 from Verizon Wireless. Motorola’s advanced mobile Milestone 2 is equipped with the latest version of MOTOBLUR and specifications of Motorola Milestone 2 has even more [...]

Android Mobile Phone LG Optimus Mach LU3000

Korean company LG Electronics introduced a new phone for Korea. The phone is originally known as the LG-LU3000 was finally given the name LG Optimus Mach, the phone also can be said is one version of LG phones with Android-based Optimus. A mobile phone that is good enough to compete with top-end Android phones on [...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 (Sony Ericsson Anzu)

Upcoming flagship from Sony Ericsson has just dipreview. As expected, the smartphone Xperia X12 is still running the Android 2.1 alias Eclair but likely will be supported by Froyo Anzu when marketed to stores (in early 2011) and in late summer 2011 it should get updates from Google Gingerbread 2.3. We also know more about [...]

Sony Ericsson “PlayStation Phone” supports multi-touch gaming controls and running with the Android OS

Apparently Sony does admit there is the development of the PlayStation phone which is currently a prototype has been leaked, and the plan will use a Qualcomm MSM8655 processor 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and screen size of 4 inches . This product will be marketed in the near Christmas in 2011 (still a long [...]