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Pantech Vega LTE, Smartphone with high performance capability Gesture Controls

Pantech to launch an Android phone has the ability to access 4G with high-performance, Vega LTE. South Korean smartphone company has been offering the latest Android phone commercial with the “touchless gesture” in the row of VEGA LTEsmartphone. Introducing Kinect gesture technology, hands-free motion control based swiping through pictures. Help for using touchscreen devices under [...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Duos smartphone featuring support for dual-network

The after phenomenal success with the appearance of mobile phones Samsung Galaxy S II with various versions of the Global market. The Samsung seems to continue to innovate by offering a model variant of the popular smartphone, featuring a new variant tries to annotate predicate Duos in its products. If you have previously introduced the [...]

LG Spectrum Android Smartphone 4G LTE with high definition content

Previously, information about the LG Spectrum was circulated in December last year. The phone is rumored as the LG Revolution 2 has now officially confirmed as the LG Spectrum. The latest Android smartphone from LG with 4G LTE technology has the capability combined performance of Dual Core processor, a smartphone device that is designed with [...]

Huawei Ascend P1 The elegant designer slim with smooth texture

Huawei as manufacturers producing mobile handsets launched several Android devices to hit the smartphone market. At CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Huawei not only introduced the Ascend P1 S is touted as the world’s thinnest smartphone. However, Huawei has also released Ascend P1smartphone, which is part of the same type smartphone with similar specifications, but have [...]

LG Prada 3.0 – Smartphone exclusive design featuring a sleek and classy

LG Electronics in collaboration with Prada, has forged an exclusive partnership in the field of smartphone which is a continuation of the prior partnership, now re-developing their latest smartphone the LG Prada 3.0. Smartphone with the name Prada as a leading fashion brand that focuses on the smartphone field, which can lead to the development [...]