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HTC One S presents a number of new features with the renewal of the performance

The largest annual event in the world of telecommunications, the more surprises coming from the various manufacturers of gadgets in the world to showcase their lineup that will decorate the shop window handset until next year. HTC will announce to launch a series smartphone models ‘HTC One’ in 2012 was, among the HTC One S. [...]

HTC Velocity 4G, Android smartphone with 4G LTE technology by Telstra

HTC very recently announced the launch of mobile phones with 4G technology. The Smartphone has 4G connectivity capabilities for fast data access with high performance, namely HTC Velocit 4G. This has been made by HTC launched towards Australia, Telstra through their partners who have recently launched a 4G LTE network. Reportedly, about 4G/LTE in Australia [...]

HTC Rezound Smartphone Multimedia Technology Beats Audio

HTC launched their latest smartphone with an exclusive partnership with Verizon as a carrier to release the HTC Rezound. The Smartphone comes with Beats Audio Integration and the features offered, the phone will be targeted for those users who like to enjoy the music. “Music is still the number one application on the internet and [...]

HTC Sensation 4G by T-Mobile with performance 1.2 GHz Dual Core processors supported qHD Display

HTC Sensation 4G, a variant of the HTC Sensation which will be launched by T-Mobile USA. HTC Sensation comes with a 4G network support of T-Mobile. HTC Sensation 4G, a smartphone that shines a spotlight on entertainment with HTC’s new HTC Watch™ video service. Crafted with premium design elements, the HTC Sensation 4G features the [...]

Pantech Vega LTE, Smartphone with high performance capability Gesture Controls

Pantech to launch an Android phone has the ability to access 4G with high-performance, Vega LTE. South Korean smartphone company has been offering the latest Android phone commercial with the “touchless gesture” in the row of VEGA LTEsmartphone. Introducing Kinect gesture technology, hands-free motion control based swiping through pictures. Help for using touchscreen devices under [...]